Top 5 Wonderful Adoption Videos

Adoption is a wonderful journey. It is also a journey full of loss and sadness. These adoption videos capture the beauty and the loss of the adoption process.

  1. This video captures a birth mom’s emotions as she prepares to place her son with a family to be adopted. It’s a firsthand account of this little boy’s full story. What a beautiful, powerful blessing to be able to hear the emotion, for this birth mother to explain why she made her decision, her wishes for his life, her hopes for her child.
  2. This video touched me deeply. It shows the vast array of emotions involved in the triad. This baby boy is obviously loved so deeply by his birth mother and his adoptive parents. You can see how much the adoptive parents care for Dominique. She is so very real. The fear, joy, the heartbreak. The relief as she placed that precious boy in their arms. The strength this young woman has as she signs those forms, knowing she will never have rights to him again. A beautiful and heartbreaking story of love. 
  3. This one touches me in many ways. To hear the ones affected the most talk about their slice of the story, it’s important. Hearing these chosen kids explain adoption and their story. It’s truly beautiful. And somewhat silly, too.
  4. Foster care adoption is such a beautiful journey. Seeing this video where this boy is obviously so loved, so cherished. The amount of family and friends that turned out to witness his adoption finalization is a very beautiful journey. Beauty from ashes.
  5. This last video is a beautiful story of how a young couple was called to adopt internationally. We often hear of adoption being a result of infertility. This young family was formed out of a calling, a calling that started in this young mother long before she and her husband met and married. It’s a compelling story for changing the world, one child at a time.

Happy adopting!

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